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7 Tactful Insights For Ecommerce Google Shopping Ads

Given the rapidly rising number of online shoppers, retailers cannot help but get soaked in the amazing advantages of Google shopping ads service as the perfect method of harvesting maximum attention and ultimately drive sales.

If you too are a retailer, you can understand how important in your circuit it is to create maximum number of leads since it equals creating more sales opportunities.
For any given product to be sold, it is imperative to reach out to larger audience and push sales. We bring you the best 7 strategies for making maximum leverage of Google shopping service.

1. Keeping product descriptions appropriate

Unless the product description is right for product you want to sell, expecting it to click is not justified. There should be a sense of simplicity and clarity even when you describe a product with complex features. Simple explanations would help your prospective customers to understand what the product is about and what can be expected from the same. Use of right keywords is elementarily important for getting the right descriptions.

Get familiar with the popular search terms and analyze other sellers actions to attract customers. It becomes possible when you and your target customers are on the same page for their requirements. Product descriptions of items you are selling should be simple enough to be understood but at the same time, they should be captivating too to attract the shoppers attention.

2. Framing a suitable title

While creating your ad, ensure to instill a sense of reassurance in it that it is the same product the customer is looking for. Otherwise, there are high chances of you losing your customer to competition.

Research shows that online shoppers don’t believe in dealing with uncertainty. Hence, it is mandatory that you come up with a relevant but concise and hard-hitting title. It is only possible when you know your audience well and know what their pain area is. Again use of keyword research and analytics prove determining in getting your ad the deserved attention.

3. Outdoing the other players

Google Shopping is undoubtedly an incredible and effective platform for retailers. But if you expect to drive income for you without proper strategies, forget about it.

Wonderful profit margins, skyrocketing sales and scalable revenues are all possible when you beat your competition in the race. Don’t underestimate your power as an individual. If you are a retailer, you are a customer too. Jolt down the contributing factors that made you prefer one advert over other. It can be title or image or the overall impression of the ad.

Another popular reason for which customers prefer one ad over another is that the former one proffers something different than the rest.

Quick Tips For Sticking Customer Attention To Your Ad Campaign:

  • 1. Set scalable targets like your target cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • 2. There are generally two categories in which retailers are divided. The ones who prefer making sales are shopkeepers and the others who believe in building customers are customer-keepers. Identify who you are among the two.
  • 3. What does your tool-kit comprise of? You can bank upon Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush,
  • 4. Keyword strategy- what is that you want to sell? Entry products, consumables, products with low competition but decent demand or high margin and/or high price?

4. Sticking a price tag

Regardless of channel, shoppers love to bargain. It gives them a sense of achievement. Work around the prices so that your customers find them attractive and there is still a room for decent profit margin.

When you make a person watch three identical ads except the price of the product, he instantaneously follows the one with lowest price or best deal. This goes with the majority of customers too.

Other strategies might fall flat when you overlook the importance of offering competitive prices. It holds great significance to compare your prices with others and also emphasize on click to conversion rate of yours.

5. Establishing connection with your landing page

Creating an advert often includes the intention of the retailer to be followed up till the initial query and placing a purchase order.

You would not want people to just get entertained clicking on your advert. Navigating them to the landing page is critically important so that consumers add the item to their cart within no time.

However, the landing page should appear to be a part of the advert itself. The more you invest in making the transition seamless and swift, the more likely product will be purchased. The more you focus on making the process smooth, the more will be the chances of succeeding in making audience find a connection between advert and landing page.

6. Learn the art of up-selling

When you are running an advert this means you desire for sales to be made. No matter what kind of product you are selling you have strived hard for customer’s attention. And now when you have already achieved, would you lose this opportunity by asking them to do the least or will push them subtly towards the most favorable action?

Believe it or not it takes a few baby steps to turn out the big deal. Whether it is a single or a series of adverts, what sellers want is to appeal to a wider audience and create the right impression of their business.

It is possible to make people head towards your advert by offering best competitive prices and giving it a punchy title which abides by the popular keywords too. Achieving sales is also doable when you make the buyer believe that he/she is the best and you rely upon him or her.

Inclusion of review scores and details of special offers garner the best customer responses. Promotional adverts should give away the important pieces of information in the first go. Delaying it any further in hope that you would disclose something like a 10% off on first orders or free next-day delivery after they click on your advert is useless. Instead, use these marketing gimmicks to get more clicks.

Instead of hiding your special offer tag at the advert’s bottom provide its details over tab hovering. This small difference can produce big difference. Upselling your product also gets possible with boasting away 5-star review score. Needless to say, online shoppers swear by the reviews and recommendations. Knowing they play in your favor you should not leave any opportunity to impress your target audiences.

7. Make the most of it with right timings

There are studies that suggest with alteration of your bids in line with peak times youcan greatly amplify the click-through rate.

Higher bids turn out to be more effective on Friday when compared to a lesser active Thursday. Understanding and adjusting your bids according to the demand, helps.

Take out time to research the shopping patterns of your consumers. For example, like on busy weekdays, it is not worth expecting people to come over for shopping.

7. Sum Up

In order to master sales on Google Shopping it is highly significant that you learn from the aforementioned strategies. Each one of these when act in synergy can greatly encourage online shoppers to click your adverts and also buy from you.

It boils down to emphasizing an advert creation that is appealing and ensure that you up-sell your products while linking it to your landing page for closing the sale.

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