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8 Social Media Tools You Need To Have Your Hands

Social media is playing an instrumental role in promoting brands, generating leads and getting better conversions. Almost half of the world population is there on social media. Any guesses what does it imply for businesses? Well, take all the possible help from social media to reach out to the maximum number of people with your business offerings.

But the fact of the matter is that social media strategy is really difficult to be executed. You need to find the competency and workforce to play it on. Thanks to social media tools which make your work easier and garner the best benefits of social media.

Features Of Good Social Media Tools

There is a wide array of options when it comes to choosing the right kind of services. Below listed are the essentials of a good tool though:

  1. Time-saving- Find social media services or applications that not only save your time but also maintain the desired quality.
  2. Ability to increase brand awareness- It is a must-have for any social media tool as it is the ultimate objective of using it. Brand awareness should only increase with the tools of your choice.
  3. User-friendly- Ease-of-use has to be an innate feature of social media services you avail. Your team irrespective of their functions could play-acting the role in the expert’s absence.
  4. Inexpensive- Reasonable prices make them affordable to more number of businesses. Free signing up facilitates fast execution and results.
  5. Scope to customize-Not every business is the same and neither are their requirements. Prefer tools that help you explore the social media world as per your company’s individual requirement.

8 Best Social Media Tools You Cannot Afford To Miss Out

  1. HubSpot’s Social Inbox Tool

This tool is best known for saving precious time your precious time in multiple ways. Optimizing your social efforts is possible as you schedule posts, incorporate social networks with your content and observe messages for new leads development.

With HubSpot Marketing Hub you get hold of corporate marketing potential as marketing and CRM of a company are integrated. Amalgamation of these two further analyzes the number of leads and customers received directly from social media.

You can take these services at $800 per month.

  1. Kicksta

Looking for more organic followers on Instagram? Get Kicksta working for your Instagram business account. This Instagram growth service works in a very simple way to increase brand awareness for your business. In a month about 30,000 photos are liked from your company account. Careful targeting of these accounts help you get more followers thus increasing your brand awareness.

Kicksta gets you only real people and accelerate organic Instagram growth of your Instagram company account.

Individual creatives can make it work for them at $49 per month.

  1. Later

Schedule your posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest with social media marketing platform, Later. Mapping out upcoming posts along with the glance of your feed’s appearance gets highly convenient with the drag-and-drop calendar.

Not only this, but you can also comprehend the best time of day to post with the help of your own analytics. Furthermore, it also helps you with the best hashtags to be used.

Solopreneurs can make it their own by spending as little as $9 per month.

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  1. Lightroom

Adobe’s product Lightroom enables stacking and editing photos in best possible manner. Visuals are imperative for your business’s social media presence so go ahead to deploy this tool for having best ones at display on your business Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Creating beautiful photos with sliders, filters and other features is quite easy for even a layman. It is not only available for mobile and desktop but the changes made on one are applied to all devices automatically.

Spend as little as $ 9.99 per month to buy these advantages.

  1. Canva

Canva is basically a graphic design website which enables you to create personalized and on-brand graphics for different social media accounts of your business. It is easy-to-use and comes with myriad of templates for Facebook banners, Twitter posts and Instagram stories. This makes the otherwise intimidating task quite convenient for the beginners.

It is available for use at $12.95 per member per month.

  1. Unfold

An iOS and Android application highly useful for storytelling as it serves to provide beautiful templates for Instagram stories. With Unfold everyone can give a life to their creative ideas. This app is ideal choice for lifestyle brands who can keep their social media accounts don stylish collages and foster engagement.

The best part is it is absolutely free to use.

  1. Hype Auditor

Fake followers ruin your reputation and messes up with the engagement on your social media business accounts. Here comes the tool that evade their presence from your Instagram account so that you can engage real followers as they are source of making money.

Hype auditor not only determines your organic reach but also examines your audience’s location, age, gender etc.

It costs you $30/credit- one credit is one Instagram report for one year.

  1. Retouch up

Retouch up is a website which makes editing photos for social media superlative easy. It can do it all from basic color correction to adding or removing figures from a photo. It takes less than 24 hours to get back an expert edited photo which is both captivating and superior quality.

This post has covered top 8 tools that are capable of making social media journey of your enterprise fast and fruitful. Dive into the details and decide which one, two or more suit your company’s requirement(s).

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