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How SSL Certificate Imitates Invitation Card To Your Site?

As soon as a website is launched it is expected to drive heavy traffic and great footfall. Oftentimes businesses miss out on understanding a simple fact that unless their SEO strategy is not in place, generating traffic or gaining customers would be extremely difficult. Over time Google has devised new ways of attracting and impressing users, following which better search engine rankings can be obtained.

For every business, it is essentially important to build SEO strategies in sync with these factors given by Google so that its website appears as the top scorer of the search engine results page (SERP). This can only be done if the business has a thorough understanding of the working of these strategies. Not everybody can understand the working of Google’s algorithm.

A few years back Google announced that websites having an SSL certificate (https://) stand a better chance of finding a place in the top search results. Take the example of two similar websites you have, one of them comes with the SSL certificate and the other one does not possess an SSL certificate. The website which has a certificate will have an upper hand over the one which does not have. As this post unfolds you dive into the details about the potency of this certificate and how does it impact SEO.

Brief Introduction Of SSL Certificate For Beginners

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. These certificates help in securing users’ information they share through the website. In other words, this certificate shields your website. A former version of SSL defines it as the standard security technology that enables the exchange of an encrypted link through a web server and a browser. Furthermore, the confidentiality of data exchanged between a web browser and a server is maintained by this link.

Imagine an ideal situation where the visitor login to an https:/ website. Looking at the link prefixed to the website address user knows data will be safe and there is no room for losing out on information. This is the kind of user experience you want to impart on your website too. Knowing this will help people build trust in your business, you should get an SSL certificate for sure.
Moving ahead let us now discuss how making use of SSL certificate for your website influences search engine rankings.

Every business should emphasize the use of SSL certificate for its website as it can make a difference to its ranking on the search engine in multiple ways, mentioned below:

Enhanced Visibility Over Internet With Improved Rankings

As you have come to know the importance of having an SSL certified website in protecting your website and developing the trust of users, it is also important to emphasize on fulfillment of all search engine ranking parameters. Or else, it might not lead to the desired results.
While comparing the ranking of a website with an SSL certificate with the one belonging to a similar niche with a plush volume of backlinks, you might not see much difference between their rankings. Also, it would not be possible to conclude how much SSL actually impacts the site.

But one thing which is certain is that if even after complying with the other SEO checklists you do not get the desired traffic on your website, you must get an SSL certificate as it is recommended by Google itself.
Google insists having the certificate for your website as your migration from HTTP to https will at least build more trust of your visitors on your website. This earned trust will definitely impact your site’s visibility and the ranks on search engines.

Finer User Experience Proceeds To Improved SEO

So far you know that people trust a site with an SSL certificate more than a website without it. Better user experience makes a strong platform for better rankings. Whether users are having a great experience on websites or not is perpetually monitored by Google Chrome. On one hand, Google recommends the use of SSL certificate by the site owners, on the other hand, it also warns visitors against opening sites which do not have certifications.

By doing this, Google just wants to ensure that sites people visit should be safe to share the information. It is also not hard to believe that people, when alarmed by Google for a site being unsafe, quit the website then and there. They are reluctant to share their information where confidentiality is not preserved.

Imagine a situation where a user lands on your website as you appeared in the search result for a particular keyword. He might be in the process to buy a product or avail a service just when he got notified about your site being unsafe. What he would do next is not difficult to guess. The person would without giving it a second thought withdraw the act and leave the site.
As the patterns keep on repeating itself, Google gets into the action. It takes a note of it and this ultimately results in a decline in the ranking of your website in the SERPS. It further leads to reduced visitor flow and to say the least, your site would never be able to regain neither the traffic nor the engagement rate.

It can also be put in this way that a site that not offering great user experience has very slight or negligible chances of appearing on top positions of search results. This also means that you cannot escape getting an SSL certificate for rendering great user experience on your site.

Final Thoughts

No business, new or well-established can dare to ignore the recommendations made by Google. If you don’t have an encrypted site, your users will feel vulnerable to data-stealing and loss of information and thus, they would not turn up in good numbers. The diminished number of visitors can never bring good search engine results for your site.

Thinking vaguely even if there is no good that SSL certificate can do to the search engine rankings of your site, it still protects the information of your users. This should be the most preferred thing for a business. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, your users may not feel valued and safe and you would be losing them which is, of course not a welcome gesture.

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