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8 Topmost SEO Tips To Optimize Your SaaS Website

There is no doubt that technology and software businesses are experiencing boon in the global market today. No matter how old or new your business is, it is always vital to make best use of search engine optimization for having an edge over competition.

You may already know SEO is an effective process used worldwide to enhance the web presence of a business. It may sound simple but when you get into it practically it is much more than this. Though what is most important is the scalable result and business growth with the implementation of worthy SEO practices. Following are some great SEO tips to meet the needs of your SaaS or technology website:

1. Know Your Customers

From banks to healthcare businesses everybody is focusing on their customers. It is crucial to develop a thorough understanding of your target audience no matter which industry you hail from. Only after knowing your customers you can understand what they are looking for in market and how can you devise a solution for them.

In technology domain, it becomes even more important to spend time and resources in understanding the specific needs of your target audience as it is usually a mix of nerds and novices. While some companies may have prospects that are more inclined towards gathering highly technical information, at the same time, another company might have to meet the needs of simplified content.

It is possible to tailor your content and information available on your site after you are thorough with the needs of your target audience. This leads to increased interest in your business, ultimately leading to boost in sales.

2. Choose Keywords Wisely

Optimization and keywords are intertwined terms that are almost impossible to separate from each other. Even after knowing the high significance of keywords in SEO not every agency doing SEO for SaaS companies masters their use.

Once you know your customers, it is feasible to make a list of keywords, it is best to keep technical and non-technical parted. One should list out the terms that can be used to find their own company online. It should include even the simplest of terms that can be used to find you. Do not forget that savvy and less-than-savvy folks are looking for you. Keyword selection should not be confined to short word phrases. In order to frame niche keywords you will have to go up to six word phrases. These longer keywords may have limited reach but being industry specific these are bound to drive more relevant traffic to your site. You can expect better chance of conversions with longer keywords. Take example of a software company which caters smaller businesses, keywords similar to “small business management tool” can prove to be a smart investment.

After you have completed the list of right keywords you should start integrating these throughout your website so that the possibilities of showing up your business in search results for particular keywords increases. This will ascertain that more and more people learn about your business and drive heavy and relevant traffic towards your product or service.

3. Develop Original Content

It is essential to provide original content in which your keyword phrases are incorporated wisely. These pieces of content should be interesting and informative both for your visitors. The purpose of content on your site should be to educating your audience about products & services and values & expertise.

Content should be a mix of blog posts, explanatory videos, product demos and photos. This content mix will attract more organic search web traffic and you will be climbing up the search rankings in relevant online searches.

Often businesses fail to maintain the consistency in the content quality and time of presenting the creative and relevant content on their websites. If you want to be dubbed as the trusted resource and leader of your industry you will have to go extra miles to come up with best content every time and also mind the time gap between two content publishing schedules. Posting too early or too late might result in your content going unnoticed as people were not expecting it at that time. It is imperative to always create and post fresh content so that people look up to your website. Fresh, relevant and informative content adds great value to your website which in turn pushes the visits on your website to a great extent.

It is possible to outsource your content needs and if you are low on budget and lack content writing skills too, you can start with something that you can handle. Feature customer testimonials, reviews and trust badges which trigger the sense of trust in people.

4. Aim For Optimized Website’s Technical Setup

Being a technology company your website cannot afford to not impress the potential customers with your site’s technical setup. Aiming technical SEO should be on your priority list. Here is how you can best optimize your website on the back end:

  • 1. Reduce Website Load Times: Given the fact your company belongs to software industry, visitors on your website must be expecting a fast loading speed. For those who don’t know, it is a quick reminder that page speed influences the organic search rankings directly. Users do not take more than 3 seconds a site to load. (please check) You may be marketing a technology product or service and users do not expect a slow loading speed at your website. Value of your website sharply decreases with slow load times.
  • 2. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: Today’s user is spending more than 15 hours on phone. If 2017 study of BrightEdge is to be believed, more than 57 percent of traffic on a website comes from the mobile phone use. Knowing these figures it is nothing but foolish to skip on having a mobile-friendly website.
  • 3. Repair Broken Links: Links to dead pages on your website can make you the offender of this great SEO practice. There is nothing wrong with removing pages from your website but it is crucially important to create a 301 direct to direct users to the new version of that content. Page not found error is a big turnoff and it hurts user experience badly. If you have recently or even in past changed page URLs, check to confirm if there is any old URL present in your main navigation and switch it out at the very moment.

5. Optimize Your Titles And Meta Descriptions

Going a step further from the incorporation of keywords in the content throughout the website, it is a good SEO practice to optimize your title and meta descriptions.
Page titles hold the maximum importance when it comes to strengthening ranking possibilities of a site’s content. Hence, make sure each page title is featuring primary keywords. Simultaneously, it produces good results when meta descriptions are optimized well. Meta descriptions are not though the official ranking factor but many visitors refer this content for establishing expectations when they click through. Including CTAs like “contact us now” or “Sign in for free newsletter today” can bring the best conversions and boost in sales.
While the title tag of your web page should not exceed 65 characters, meta description is considered good up to 150 words.

6. Image Optimization

Many of you might not know this but ALT tags or alternative text are important contenders of optimization. ALT tags explain it to users what an image is all about or what it represents.
Let us put it this way, ALT tags help search engines understand the contextual meaning of an image. With optimizing images you can expect the search engines to provide best results when a user quests for images.

While ALT tags need to be free from keyword stuffing, it is important to optimize the images as well. Moreover, image sizes also affect or boost the technical site optimization. Larger image size will only contribute in your website taking longer to load and it will directly make an impact on its ranking in the search engines. Shrinking the size of images used on your website is one of the most appreciable SEO practices.

Another way of pacing up your load times is making use of responsive images. With the use of responsive images your website will be displaying the most suitable images according to the device in use. This will save your audience’s time and frustration.

7. Utilize Social Media

Social media is very well connecting the virtual world with real one. It is also an explicit facilitator for two way conversations between a business and the customer. Having a strong social media presence helps software companies to establish an out-of-league channel to communicate and influence its audience which is otherwise difficult to reach out.

For the beginners it is important to understand from where to start with. Including as much as information like business name, bio and more helps you to be considered as a professional side. Remember that adding more information about your business will earn brownies in the form of added credibility.

When it is about posting content on social media platforms just like your site content, adhere to quality rather than quantity. However, being regular at posting educational and creative content will keep your name fresh in the memory of people.

While maintaining the quality will grab more attention towards your business, posting at regular intervals will not let people forget you.

8.Monitor Your Progress

Once you are done with implementing best SEO practices on your SaaS website, it is imperative to ensure whether you are on the right track or not. Imagine even if after making many efforts to boost your search engine ranking nothing has changed for you as a business, then what is the use of whole exercise?

It is necessary to keep on checking how well you are doing with the help of website and app tracking tools such as Google Analytics. Make notes on which SEO strategy has yielded your site better results.

Better visibility on Google and other search engines is a product of the aforementioned SEO techniques, provided you are able to tap their potential.

Closing Statement

When you are looking for fast and lasting results from these tips, it is mandatory that you are deploying best SEO team at work. It is true that SEO is an ongoing process but those SEO agencies which have earlier changed the game for SaaS companies can do it again for you.

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