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Evaluation & Analysis of your Online Presence

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) supports site performance by improving the percentage of visitors converted to customers, increasing sales, click-through rates, and other defined goals without increasing the amount of traffic coming to your website.

When someone searches for your area of expertise over the internet, the role of your online visibility comes into play. Auditing works in the direction to identify and measure all flaws the existing marketing campaigns have. Based on the study, the agents working against the uninterrupted implementation of the plans are identified and a counter-measure for the rectification of the same is adopted. The recommendations listed in the audit report helps business analysts to get their heads around all those minute factors that cleave into a trend in the industry. Benchmarking and comparison with competitors’ web presence status enable you to conceive the fruitful strategies. Developing better online marketing strategies will increase the effectiveness of your web presence.

Pay per click is a powerful and effective internet marketing tool that successfully directs targeted traffic to client’s website. Following systematic advertising, we show up the designed ads on client’s site and look for results that are relevant. When a user clicks on the website, a small amount is paid to the publisher or website owner.

Even though our inputs are quite complex, it has been our forever approach to simplify it and develop a bigger overview which we present to our clients. The reports we produce are comprehendible to anybody and can be broadly studied retroactively.

Complete Online Presence Audit

It will arm you with the in-depth knowledge and the exact status of your company’s online presence. You can find it difficult to differentiate between the real thing and the mirage because of several marketing channels, social media sites, and content portals. The whole exercise of web presence analysis will give you a clear snapshot of the perceived notion by the potential customers for your business.

Consistent & Comprehensive Strategy

Efficient content management helps you to handle site content, meticulously. WordPress makes it immensely effortless to publish your time-tested content and strike communication with your customers and users.

Unique Value Proposition

Showcase values and core message of your business to your customers. Revealing your unique selling proportion will give clear business insight to your target audience.

Our rigorous efforts to improve your online presence and portraying you as an industry expert will not miss out. You can bank on our team to do the last bit of effort to convey your core message and brand to your target market. Convey the right content for creating right image of your business and build your brand value. Keyword analysis and research, search engine visibility, website structure analysis, social media analysis can together help you touch the skies of success.

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