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The Role of Artificial Intelligence In Improving SEO

Customers are out there searching for the right services and products that you as a business are claiming to provide. They are using every means available to them to look for products, services, and information that they need. They are looking for genuine and good products and service providers on search engines, local business searches, using different platforms like mobile and tools like voice search. The point of all this is that your customer is looking for you desperately and it is you who has to meet them halfway. Be where your customers are and seize the opportunity. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key method to do this. It establishes your presence in all the locations where there is a probability of consumers looking for you. SEO ranks your website where it matters the most, the search engine results page (SERP). In a survey conducted with more than 340 enterprises, it was found that real-time marketing and omnichannel delivery and engagement counted for the top near term marketing priorities. 

Just Google, the number 1 search engine, processes more than 1 billion searches every day and thus there is a massive influx of data from search and consumer interaction that cannot be processed without automation tools. Not simply automation but with the integration of artificial intelligence, smart automation has given us the power to analyze this tremendous data and information in a matter of seconds and even form strategies and carry out optimization tasks. This frees up your time to indulge your effort in creative and strategic elements of the SEO campaign. 

The power of AI and its scope: 

AI can help us to extract useful data and insights from a large volume of data. AI algorithms can help in detecting the anomalies faster than other resources. Search data is a complex data set and includes several parameters and variables. Let’s take a look at them: 

  • Search queries: These tell us what the customer is looking for, their issue, and the problem. They also give the keywords which the consumers are using to search for any particular product/service/answer or in general. 
  • Zero-click: Customers can get what they want in a single click or without even a single click. Interactions with local listings tell if customers found what they were looking for and converted to a phone call or an in-store visit. 
  • On-site activity: Data about the buying cycle and journey. Site abandonment and stats on how long a customer stays on a website. Reservations and gaps in completing transactions. 
  • Demographics: Add data to buyer personas, help in identifying trends and patterns. 
  • Transactions: Purchase history, consumer habits, offers availed, customer interactions, and third party profiles help build a better understanding of the customer. 
  • Social media, emails, and other conversations: What triggers a conversion? Which content and product attracts and repels the audiences? This key parameter helps in understanding the minds of consumers, their likes, and dislikes. 

All this data is extremely crucial for gaining insights into the business as well as into the minds of the customer. It has the power to transform your entire online business. AI powers you to extract key insights from large volumes of data. These insights point executives towards the loopholes in a business process or show specific pain points of the customer to the business owners. Smart AI results help you to reach such insights and conclusions in no time. The quality of AI is speed and precision. AI can be trained to dig deep into data and extracts patterns that otherwise remain invisible to your eyes. Artificial intelligence is most useful when it comes to understanding the customer. 

How to put AI to better SEO?

Automation is already being used to perform various business processes to save time and reduce labor. AI automation can improve SEO’s performance. AI can power content optimization and can automate repetitive tasks like SEO auditing, link building, etc. AI-powered tools can also be used to trigger optimizations based on consumer behavior, interaction with content and search queries, etc. Apart from recognizing consumer habits, the power of AI can predict the product and content that performs the best. The best part of AI is that it continuously analyzes, learns, adjusts, and perfects itself. AI can help you scale your SEO even if you are a one-man team. It can be your silent data-obsessed partner who is always working for you and can handle the analytical work of a hundred people. 

In short, AI takes up the time-consuming tasks and frees your time to work on creative aspects and in formulating the SEO strategies.

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