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Vivid Viral Marketing Video Ideas: 10 Things You Should Definitely Know

Trust marketing maniacs, a viral video does not result from one night stand of their efforts with fortune. It takes a lot more than that, to get the likes of millions of people watching these videos on YouTube and other similar platforms.

Oftentimes it has been realized that simply anything can go viral over the internet. It can be a thing that the viewers approve or strongly disapprove of. Point is to get shared exponentially before qualifying for the category ‘viral videos.’ These videos while go famous or infamous for that matter bring publicity for the associated brand. Thus, more and more organizations are ready to engross the benefits of releasing videos that go viral. Sorry to say but they don’t go viral on their own. Also, asking friends and family to share the link does not seem to help either.

So, for people who are desperately looking for an instant and perfect recipe of viral video, you missed your chance to create wonders. It is because miracles do not happen in marketing and it is basically your smart efforts which get paid off when nicely woven together with a strong marketing strategy. Strong headed business owners and marketing heads that have made up their mind for not leaving a single stone unturned to make their videos go viral have landed at the right page. We have assimilated some highly effective ideas to push your video go viral and stand out of the rest. Have a patient read and you are half the way on the road to success.

1.How Much Budget You Need To Spend?

Living in the age of ‘internet of things,’ it is high time for progressive businesses to understand what kind of videos work on the internet. Knowing your target audience is basic, what you need to know is how to trigger emotions of your target audience. Hereby, raising the curtain from the much sought question- what amount should be spent on viral marketing video. Well, the answer to this is relatively very simple. You can spend as much you are comfortable spending or as little as you have.

While checking any reputed video publishing site you will see disparity on the ground of money spent on its making with bare eyes. There are viral marketing videos which are million dollar business investments and others that cost nothing more than 50 cents. It completely depends on the market you pursue to capture. For global markets, it takes more money than the local markets which are finite.

2.Which Are The Essential Elements Of A Viral Marketing Video?

There is no universal formula of making videos viral but all the successful videos have 3 elements in common which are namely:

  • Problem
  • Problem reaching its peak
  • Your solution to the problem

Videos that portray a life situation while provoking the emotions of audiences do well provided more and more people relate to it. It needs a smart introduction of your product or service right at the time when needed. Inclusion of these 3 major elements one should take care of length of the video, as too lengthy video can get boring and may cause people to turn down it before reaching the climax. That said, it should not be too short that it fails to leave an impression on the minds of audiences.

On an average, ads that are 20 seconds to 1 minute long perform well. However, marketing experts also trust the formula of breaking longer videos and showing them in series.

3.What Is Test Marketing Of Videos?

Before launching marketing video or ads in the market it is crucially important to test the water. It makes sense to correct what has gone wrong (add, remove or improve something) after getting criticized instead of falling flat in the market. Wondering who can give you honest feedback? If you believe a group of marketing experts, it is kids of 8-12 years of age who can give you unbiased opinions about your video.

Making 3-4 children of this particular age group watch the ad makes complete sense because they are capable enough of understanding a message behind your video. At the same time, they are too small to get influenced by any of the external factors like brand image.

4.How Important Is Video Optimization?

Maximum results for your video content largely depend on search engine optimization. A study suggests 38% of users who searched Google are automatically served video in Universal search engine results.

Amongst various ways to video optimization the really good ones are listed below:

  • Thumbnail optimization
  • Title optimization
  • Adding relevant and keyword rich content in web pages in video captions and extending them to adjacent web pages
  • Making sure your video link is there on multiple reputed websites
  • Creating and submitting video sitemap with search engines
  • Giving due importance to thumbnail optimization by using high quality thumbnail images and,
  • Selecting thumbnails and not letting publisher choose it on your behalf
  • Including relevant images in your thumbnails (if the video has birds in center, add a winning shot of some bird)

5.Is It Important To Study Viral Video Trends?

If you think success and failure of marketing videos can be controlled with the help of analytics then we are on the same page. Analytics is about studying and analyzing data so as to make decisions on their basis. It is obviously a vital component in making your video content viral.

Nonetheless, it is not only important to study the competition trends but your own trends too. Looking at hot lists, you can comprehend what is trending because you may never understand why it is trending. Follow the league of popular thumbnails, titles & content and spot the common threads in the form of keywords, images or main content. This study can help you decide what should be there in your videos.

6.What Planning Do You Need For Successful Viral Marketing?

When you plan for a successful video you need to plan ahead of time so that things fall into place. This is all about preparing the launch of your video. Viral videos, assuming that you don’t know, are tough to handle for any business that is not prepared.

Many of you reading this post might be raising your eyebrows on the mention of preparedness. Hope you understand getting a video viral is not your ultimate objective; it is just a part of successful marketing campaigning. A video can go viral but it needs to be handled properly by the team behind it. It is possible that your business receives messages and calls in abundance. Also, website traffic can be on fire post the success of your video.

While checking the viral potential of a video is important, it is also crucially significant that how well you handle the success of a video over the internet. Besides having fool-proof strategy for handling good response for the video you should never stop at one. After success of one video audience will expect similar videos which means you should never consider yourself as ready unless you have two videos ready.

7.How To Deal With ‘Empty Tip Jar Syndrome’?

Have you heard of ‘empty tip jar syndrome’ before? It discusses the hesitation of customers to initiate leaving tip in the jar. If you observe jar empty for some time it is best to put in a few dollars by your own and you will see others (the real tippers) following you.

Something similar happens with the video marketing too; just being there might not help. Unless you start a meaningful conversation people would not comment.
Solution: The best way to find solution to the ‘no one wants to be the first to comment syndrome’ is to create multiple accounts and use these accounts to ignite a hot topic or start a healthy controversy. Comments which you make should be cleverly composed to attract views and comments.

It is much required to play around smartly as other people are smart enough to gauge your comments, if you are the only one who is posting and commenting you would be caught. Have patience and don’t overdo anything that can catch unnecessary attention. It is best to limit your comments to one or maximum two in a day. Also, you should maintain a gap of few hours before you reply to your last comment or make a fresh comment.

A common situation in which most businesses get struck is dealing with nasty or very rude comments. It is best to delete the comment. There is nothing wrong with deleting the comment that is causing unrest amongst others, just like a rude customer is kicked out of the restaurant so that other’s dining experience is not ruined. Nevertheless, negative and controversial comments are often healthy from business point of view.

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8.Innocence Of Kids Attracts More People

Are you running out of creative ideas to create video? Have cute and talented kids because since this formula oftentimes works for gathering attention for marketing firms and brands. Who does not remember ‘Charlie Bit me’ video- even after years it is still watched over hundred times and is still afresh in minds of viewers.
It is highly important to test the water for kid-injected videos. Children always look cute and their every act looks adorable, but only to their parents. You need to have kids work for your commercials that look cute to your audience and not just you. History of successful commercial campaigns having kids in center tells that making kids fight over something with siblings, a child arguing with parents or grandparents and other similar things make people’s heart melt and they cannot get over the innocence mixed smartness of these kids.

9.How To Go About Getting First Inbound Link To Your Video?

Every business should have the right intention while creating a video marketing campaign. It is vitally important that you adhere to your business objectives, values and ethics. Conveying right message in an effective manner ensures that the video carrying that message gets viral.
If you stay effective in conveying your message to mass audience creatively chances are they would share it with their friends and family to make their contribution towards making the video viral. Stay honest to your company’s values and you will get appreciated in the form of first inbound link.
If you are producing series of commercial videos it is significant that you make videos with different messages while keeping the organization’s objectives intact in them. Moreover, you can stand out from other videos by tying your videos with same music or image or color theme.

10.Are there any classic examples of viral videos that created milestone?

It is always important to have a standard as it makes easy to keep yourself on track. Not only you can drive a lot of inspiration but also you can take clues that have worked for others. So why not have a glance at some great ads that created history as they left millions of people viewing these videos in awe?
a)The evolution of dance: Comedian Judson Laipply turned people watch his dance moves for more than 135 million times. It created such wide appeal because the comedian grooved on the music from the 50s to the 90s making appeal to people of all ages.
b)Hey Mikey commercials: The iconic cereal commercial was first aired in 1972. The commercial had three brothers contemplating to try cereal bowl kept before them. Two of them making the third one Mikey eat it and as he begins consuming it vigorously the others two exclaimed- “He likes it. Hey Mikey!”

Today’s most popular kid-injected video is Charlie bit my finger which features two young brothers. This video appeals to parents and children both. Least needs to be said with more than 380,000 comments on this video.

Other examples include embarrassing videos which make people laugh and relate themselves to these fun videos.

Hope these tips help you shoot a creativity laden video with a strong message that starts going viral soon.

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